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Solo Green Soap ( Excessive dehydration of the skin and keeps it soft and smooth )

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Hydroderm Solo plus Green is specially designed for dry skin. Solo Green Soap is a glycerin-enriched soap that avoids excessive dehydration of the skin and keeps it soft and smooth. It also contains Aloe Vera which is the most utilized product for skin care

Key Ingredients

Soap Noodles (Translucent), Aloe Vera Extract, FD&C Green, Tetrasodium EDTA, Glycerin, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Fragrance

  • Natural antiseptic and moisturizer polish skin thereby leaving a glow and freshness on the skin
  • Amazingly blows over pimples and acne within a usage of a month
  • Alleviates itching and eczema as SOLO GREEN lathers on affected areas of the skin
  • Slows down the appearance of wrinkles by actively repairing the damaged skin cells
  • Anti-inflammatory properties fight against Androgenetic Alopecia
Benefits of Aloe Vera
Possessing too many virtues, FDA has approved it to be an all-rounder for skincare. It genuinely poses a natural antiseptic and moisturizer. Solo Green is fabricated to be exceptionally mild. Like any other beauty soaps, it is convenient to use and handy for all skin types. The magnificent moisturizing content of the soap polish your skin to leave a glow

Effective usage of Solo Green

Solo Green makes skin moisturized naturally. Solo Green amazingly blows over pimples and acne within a month. Solo plus Green has proved to be effective after radiation therapy. The biodegradable quality of Hydroderm Solo plus Green generates the pearly luster eventually wiping out all the impurities and dirt that have been accumulated for a long period. Reduces skin discoloration


Make use of Solo Green at least twice a day for dry skin and make sure to wash it off with water at a moderate temperature as per instructions of your doctor. Let the lather stay for a while or up to three minutes. Itching and eczema alleviate as the soap lathers on the affected areas. Solo Green reduces skin discoloration. Rinse your skin well. Treat Your Skin to the Ultimate Skin Care.