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Scar Fade UV ( Reduces scar-associated pain, itching, and discoloration )

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Doctors First Recommendation:
" Silicones gel has proven efficacy in scar management & abnormal scar prevention and has become the gold standard of plastic surgeons & dermatologists worldwide. Scar Fade UV has been clinically proven to reduce the redness, hardness, elevation, itch and pain associated with scars.,
Proven Clinical Efficacy:
According to Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology "Currently the most accepted treatment for old & new hypertrophic scars is silicones gel alone.",
The effectiveness and safety of silicones gel in the treatment & prevention of scars is established and well documented.
1: The only 100% silicones scar treatment with SPF 30.
2: Ideal for areas exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, chest or hands.
3: Self dries to an invisible, breathable sheet within 4 minutes Transparent & odorless silicone gel.
4: Provides elastic protection.
5: Reduces scar-associated pain, itching, and discoloration.
6: Once dry, cosmetics may be applied.
7: Twice daily application.
Scar Fade UV is used to prevent, reduce, help & treat keloid & hypertrophic scars resulting from:
General or Cosmetic Surgery, Injury, Burns, Post laser/Chemical peel.