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Eventone 4 Face Wash ( Helps in reducing blemishes, pigmentation and nourishes the skin )

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EVENTONE 4 Face Wash is a soap-free whitening face wash that helps in reducing blemishes, pigmentation and nourishes the skin, while vitamin C & Licorice extract lightens the skin tone. The antioxidants make skin fair, healthier & younger-looking. Targets the pigmentation spots, The Exfoliating Revealing Face wash provides daily hygiene, its morning-evening application controls melanin overproduction

Key Ingredients

Licorice Extract, Vitamin C, & Vitamin E
  • Purest licorice extract exfoliates gently the preformed melanin from the skin’s surface
  • Salicylic and glycolic acids enhance skin radiance
  • Vitamin C ensures newer and fairer skin
  • It cleans the skin while being non-irritating
  • Reduces visibilities of Brown Spots


Eventone 4 Face wash should be applied in the morning and the evening to a slightly moisturized face, using circular movements. Create a lather by gently massaging the gel on the skin for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with warm water and gently dry the face.