Glow Fair & Pink

“Feels cool to the skin. No irritation or reaction of any kind felt at first application so super happy with the effect of the product”

Ayuna Sheikh, Pharma Health

Eventone C Body Milk

“I really thank Pharma Health for this amazing product. I earlier had issues of dark skin, dust patches and dullness. But since I had used Eventone, my body now glows and my complexion is far brighter than before”

Saba Shakeel, Pharma Health


“This product is an answer to my prayers. Finally, I have found a product that is not irritating to my skin. Before I found Airol-N FaceWash, I was using expensive, organic products that had me scratching my face all day. I was fascinated by the difference in how it felt and looked in appearance. I am so happy to have found this gentle product. I don’t have words to describe how good it feels!!!”

Ayesha Ijaz, Pharma Health

Photonic-SH For Men

“There is no way around it. When you first notice that you’re losing your hair, it’s sad. Other indications of natural aging may be concealed or explained away, but thinning or vanishing hair is not one of them. Then I tested this incredible product from Pharma Health (Photonic SH Shampoo for Women), and my hair has never looked so much better. This shampoo not only solved my hair loss problem, but it also began to grow my new hair. This is the greatest product for my hair’s condition”

Sarah Arshad, Pharma Health