Photonic Hair Spray Anti Hair Loss
Photonic Hair Spray Anti Hair Loss

Photonic Hair Spray Anti Hair Loss

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PHOTONIC HAIR SPRAY induces a clear increase in the anagen hair density and provides hair growth. PHOTONIC HAIR SPRAY induces a strong reduction in the telogen hair thus stops hair loss. It has an efficient active to decrease alopecia. Enjoy easy combing & detangling. PHOTONIC HAIR SPRAY leaves radiant hair as the latest hair treatment. Anti-hair loss & regrowth formula with leave-on convenience for Scalp-treatment.



  • Photonic Spray Regulates And Slows Down The Production Of Dihydrotestosterone (Dht) Hormone, Which Is A Prime Cause Of Hair Fall In Men And Women.
  • Photonic Spray Renews Extra Cellular Matrix (Ecm) Protein, Which Is Responsible For Forming Tissues For Hair Follicles To Prevent Hair Damage.
  • Photonic Spray Stimulates Healthy Dermal Papilla To Enhance Hair Volume.
  • Photonic Spray Combats Scalp Infections That May Cause Irritation or Inflammation, leading To Hair Fall.
  • Photonic Spray Induces A Clear Increase In The Anagen Hair Density Hair Growth.
  • Photonic Spray Induces A Strong Reduction In The Telogen Hair Stop Hair Fall.
  • Photonic Spray Efficiently Active to Decrease Alopecia.



Capixyl Contains.... (Butylene glycol, water, Dextran, Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Trifolium pretense (clover) flower (extract), Mackaderm LIA, Tinogard Q, Acrobute 60MB-63, Mirasil

DMCO, Eumulgin HPS, Fragrance.

How To Use

Spray 8 To 10 Puffs Evenly Distributed On Your Cleaned And

Dried Scalp, then Message. Use Twice Daily, in the Morning

And Evening. Quality of Skin and Hair After 90 Day

Of Being Used


To assure efficacy and potency, store at room

temperature between 150-30°C (59-86F), Store

away from heat, light & moisture.


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