• Eventone 4 Face Wash


    EVENTONE 4 Face Wash is a soap-free whitening face wash that helps in reducing blemishes, pigmentation and nourishes the skin, while vitamin C & Licorice extract lightens the skin tone. The antioxidants make skin fair, healthier & younger-looking. Targets the pigmentation spots, The Exfoliating Revealing Face wash provides daily hygiene, its morning-evening application controls melanin overproduction

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  • Eventone C Body Milk


    In this season, when our skin goes patchy and dull, not only face skin, but our full-body required complete nourishment naturally. Our body needs care just like your face to stay hydrated & smoother. It’s annoying to use a different moisturizer or body lotions and as a result, looks greasy which pop-out acne, opens pores, and dulls your complexion. Skin just goes through unusual conditions

    Getting Clear Brighten & Fresh moisturize skin naturally without harmful chemicals is not so far now. Different medicated natural body care range is available in markets. Eventone C Body milk enriches with raw milk properties and consists of Glutathione, Vitamin C extract, and Kojic Acid which is the complete package for full body whitening & moisturizing in a natural way. Glutathione infuses with natural whitening property that gives a brighter tone to the skin and increases the level of collagen naturally. Vitamin c Provides protection against Ultraviolet rays and Kojic acid is a natural element that lightens the skin and uses for the treatment of sunburn scars and aging spots. It also prevents melanin production in the skin

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  • Fair & Pink Glow


    The more effective, faster, and safer approach to skin lightening with SPF 20. New Fair & Pink Multivitamins Fairness Cream targets spots caused by the concentration of melanin. Fair & Pink’s multivitamins formula works on melanin at the source in three different ways and lightens existing spots, prevents new spots & marks from appearing. Fair n Pink Skin Whitening Cream makes your skin glowing, fair, radiant, and smooth. It works in days to lighten skin tone, reduce dark spots, the skin will become radiant, provide anti-oxidant protection, stops signs of aging, removes acne and pimple marks, reduce dark circles around eyes

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  • Fair & Pink Gold Cream


    According to old ancient history, one of the beauty hacks that Cleopatra followed was the use of gold as a beauty mask. Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to enhance her complexion and keep her skin younger-looking, glowing, and beautiful as always

    Gold has some natural properties that can be a reason for sparkling glow and fairer skin. Actually, GOLD slows down collagen reduction, increases skin’s elasticity, enhances the skin’s complexion, and increases the cells that make the skin firm, improves blood circulation, and stops early aging, wrinkles & tanning

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